Jim Hemerling

Jim Hemerling

The Head, Heart, and Hands of Transformation

Location: Bomhard Theater | 10:45 - 11:45 AM

In today’s business world, transformation is the new normal and has become so commonplace that our new digital era has been dubbed “always-on” transformation. Despite being the norm, transformation continues to be very difficult and can exact an enormous toll on leaders and employees, who are constantly being asked to step up, reach further, move faster, and adapt to change, with no end in sight. 

Companies that succeed in this time while others fail have an approach that combines three interconnected elements: 

  • It involves thinking expansively and creatively about the future that the organization aspires to and focusing on the right strategic priorities to get there. 
  • It addresses the unrelenting, ever-shifting, ever-growing demands on employees by elevating the importance of actions that will inspire and empower people at all levels of the organization.
  • And at a time of rapid change and disruption, it calls for more than just applying the appropriate means and tools to execute, it calls for companies to innovate while they execute – and do both with agility.

Transformation in the new digital era requires a holistic, human-centric approach that enables organizations to succeed today and thrive tomorrow, one called the Head, Heart, and Hands of Transformation. At the Summit, Jim will share research on why these elements are essential and how to activate them to the fullest, inspiring leaders to embrace this reimagined approach to transformation.

About Jim Hemerling


Jim Hemerling is a Managing Director & Senior Partner and BCG Fellow with a focus on transforming organizations to deliver and sustain breakthrough performance. He is a leader in BCG’s People & Organization and Transformation practices. He is a featured TED speaker: 5 Ways to Lead in an Era of Constant Change.

With 30 years of experience as an advisor to senior leaders, Jim has widespread experience leading large scale transformation programs and cultivating high performing organizations. His work goes beyond short term results to bring sustainable performance improvement to organizations. Jim's holistic human-centric approach to transformation focuses on envisioning a digitally-enabled growth-oriented future, inspiring and empowering employees, and executing with agility while enabling leaders to lead with head, heart, and hands.  Jim's experience includes working with clients around the world in technology, consumer, financial, insurance, and manufacturing industries.  

Jim has co-authored numerous publications on transformation and organization effectiveness including The Head, Heart and Handsof Transformation, Transformation: Delivering and Sustaining Breakthrough Performance,  Purpose with the Power to Transform your Organization, and It’s not a Digital Transformation Without a Digital Culture.  His work has been featured in Bloomberg, Businessweek, Fortune, Forbes,the Economist, Manager Magazine, and on CNBC.